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For normal and free public domain whois searches of current domain owners, please go to: internic.net or whois.net

12whois.net has been set up for researches, detectives as well as (private) investigators.
It's not a secret that scammers, criminals, pedophiles, fraudulent companies or just anyone could be found this way.

ie. Webshop doesn't deliver your order, and they disappear from the radar. Whois search results only show hidden or anonymous results of domains instead of the usual real information, and do not show past owner details as it has been overwritten by the current details on purpose.

Whois History

Domain name whois information details are missing or completely hidden?

Try find the real owner of any* domain before key details were hidden or missing.

* limited to 2000+ other TLD's (see the full list)

$1.00 USD

Reverse Whois

Do you know the full name, company name or the e-mail address?

Find all domains registered by the same individual or company.
Useful for when you want to see what other websites are owned by the same entity.

$1.00 USD

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